About Travel Glitter

About Travel Glitter

We believe there is no one way to travel. The journey, the destination and the rewards are all as individualized as the people taking the trip.

But we also believe that tourism isn’t a competitive sport and travel shouldn’t be about racing to complete an arbitrary to do list. If we could, we’d forever ban the terms “been there, done that” and “visit 100 countries” from the travel vernacular.

Although we’re not fans of the term “responsible travel,” we throw our proverbial travel glitter over the terms “slow travel,” “sustainable travel” and “uniquely local travel.” Most of our editorial content celebrates the culture–the unique footprint–of the communities we visit, both internationally and domestically.

In particular we love meeting the locals, the cheerleaders, the knowledge keepers, the story tellers who sing the songs of their neighborhoods. Whether we’re sipping coffee in Hollywood, visiting a local school in Fiji, or shopping at a European Christmas Market, we believe that our travels are only made stronger by the connections we make and the conversations we have along the way.

Our own writers don’t have much in common, except that when we travel, we tend to be contrarians. We snack on food sold by street vendors, arrange our schedules to see live theatre or music performance, and enter doors that say “Exit Only” just to see what happens. We love learning new things, aciphex online pharmacy even in our own backyard, and we often toss the map in the back seat (well, okay, nowadays we just turn off the GPS), just to see where the road takes us.

Editorial Policy

The content at Travel Glitter, both original and curated, is intended to help inspire travelers to slow down and enjoy a more meaningful travel experience. In particular, our editorial line up focuses on small and community businesses, as well as the larger companies that support these businesses. Our editorial policies include:

  • Favoring businesses that create uniquely local programs and packages.
  • Highlighting businesses who support local initiatives or community programs.
  • Encouraging travelers to build stronger communities by purchasing local goods and supporting small, local and family-owned businesses.
  • Encouraging all travelers to find an advocate, in the form of a travel professional who can build an extra layer of travel security.
  • Helping small and community travel businesses build affordable digital marketing campaigns that tap into the power of collaborative funding.

Social Media Statement(s)

1) Exploring, preserving and connecting with the communities we visit. Adventurers, do-gooders and tree huggers are welcome.

2) We celebrate the shop owners, waitresses, concierges, baristas and all the impromptu storytellers in the communities we visit.

3) We are drawn by the lure of the open road and by the people we meet along the way. Join us as we travel the world.