Frozen Dead Guy Days // (c) 2010 Jamie Gulick /

Frozen Dead Guy Days

Cryogenics meets local culture in the one-of-a-kind Frozen Dead Guy Days festival, held every year in Nederland, Colorado. Nederland, home of the cryogenically frozen Grandpa Bredo, gained international...
Colorful sea glass, found along the shoreline in the Central California town of Cayucos, Calif., stars in the annual Cayucos Sea Glass Festival // (c) 2007 Ted Johnson /

Cayucos Sea Glass Festival

Colorful sea glass takes center stage at the annual Cayucos Sea Glass Festival this March, in Cayucos, Calif. Thousands of visitors from around will head to the central...
Dana Point, Calif. is the annual location of the Dana Point Festival of Whales // (c) 2014 Trish Gussler /

Dana Point Festival of Whales

As hundreds of majestic California Gray Whales make their annual trek along the West Coast, up to 50 a day will pass by the seaside community of...
The Bok Kai Parade is celebrated every year in Marysville, Calif. // (c) 2013 Bok Kai Temple

Bok Kai Parade

Located on the banks of the Yuba River, in historic Marysville, Calif., the Bok Kai Temple is a treasured community landmark, managed in cooperation with the National Trust...
Yuma Lettuce Days // (c) 2013 Yuma Lettuce Days

Yuma Lettuce Days

Lettuce, the dieter's darling, gets its day in the sun every year at the Yuma Lettuce Days festival Salad, however, is just the first course at festival...

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