A Look Inside the Best Luxury Hotels and Villas in South Africa

These villas and resorts have taken the crown as the best-in-class in South Africa and the African continent during the World Travel Awards.

Inside Africa’s First Locally Owned Rhino Conservation Program

A new walking safari in Kenya allows guests to get up close and personal to the elusive – and threatened – black rhino

Tourists Roll up for Morocco’s Cannabis Trail

It may not feature in Morocco’s official tourism brochures but cannabis attracts thousands of visitors a year to the North African country.

Ethiopia’s Living Churches–In Pictures

As one of the first countries to adopt Christianity, Ethiopia has a legacy of churches and monasteries, built on hilltops or hewn out of cliff faces, as well as vibrant traditions of worship. 

7 Charming Villages, Towns and Cities in Tasmania

Tasmania's cultural history is reflected in the architecture and the small towns found throughout its countryside. 

10 Best Luxury Hotels In West Africa

West Africa provides some of the most unique and luxurious hotel accommodations on the African continent.

In Pictures: 4 Heritage Sites in South Africa’s Parks

South Africa's scenic national parks house four important heritage sites that preserve and chronicle the nation's history and culture.

Journey Back in Time with the Inchanga Choo-Choo

Slip into another era as you journey on this steam train that passes through lush Durban landscapes, with views of the Valley of 1000 Hills.

10 Best Places to go in Africa (and What to do There)

Comprised of 54 countries, Africa’s topography, landscapes and activities vary drastically by region. 

On the Move with the Donkey-Powered Mobile Libraries of Zimbabwe

Specially designed carts, pulled by teams of four donkeys, can reach remote areas more cheaply than cars while carrying more books than bicycles.

Train with Champions During the Micato Kenya Elite Running Safari

Guests can train with professional marathoners on this 10-day itinerary, which includes stops at two of the most lauded high-elevation running centers in the world, 

The Hotel in Kenya Where You Can Have Breakfast with Giraffes

As appetizing as breakfast looks, guests often wait until a special visitor arrives before they tuck in.

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