This Tropical Resort In Canada Will Make You Feel Like You’re In Cuba

In Canada, there’s an entire resort that will fulfill all of your Cuban desires.

Discovering Wild Foods on The Great Trail

Anyone with a taste for adventure can forage for wild foods along Canada's Great Trail.

Canada Has An Igloo Building School

in British Columbia, a specialized institution called the Canada West Mountain School has an igloo building course that will teach you to make one in the mountains and survive the night in it.

Halifax Ranked One of Friendliest Cities in the World

One Conde Nast reader notes, "There’s an aura of happiness in Halifax."

Sand Dunes and Other Saskatchewan Wonders

A road trip through Saskatchewan hits unusual natural spots for sand (the Great Sandhills), water (Canada’s Dead Sea) and grass (Grasslands National Park).

How to Sea Kayak Near Peggy’s Cove

East Coast Outfitters takes adventurers on a two-hour sea kayaking adventure near Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia.

Exploring Haida Gwaii, Canada’s Answer to the Galapagos

This archipelago off the coast of British Columbia is a rugged, wild place with an edge-of-the-world appeal.

You Can Eat the World’s Largest Bowl of Pho Just Two Hours from Vancouver

Four pounds of noodles, four pounds of meat and four pounds of broth.

What Do You Love About YYC? Calgarians Provide Their Answers

Tourism Calgary posed the question to Calgarians to find out just why people #LoveYYC.

Toronto’s Underground Forest is Becoming the World’s Greatest Urban Park

With some 45,000 public acres for people to hike, bike, and walk their dogs Toronto's underground ravines dwarf York City’s Central Park, which clocks in at 843 acres.

Halifax’s Brooklyn: Downtown Dartmouth is One of Canada’s Hippest Neighborhoods

An explosion of retail and restaurant start-ups have transformed downtown Dartmouth into something akin to Halifax's Brooklyn.

12 Beautiful Cottages in British Columbia

Enjoy a fall retreat in British Columbia with these scenic cottages. ||

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